Beyond men: Challenging gendered dynamics of conflict transformation

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Nora Löhr
Event date 22 Jun '21 14:00 - 15:30
Event location Online event via Zoom
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All too often it is mainly men who participate in high-level negotiations to agree on political arrangements and transitional justice after conflicts. They shape the future of a state and society and they decide whose concerns matter when dealing with the past. As a result, peace and transition processes often lead to the further marginalisation of women and people of diverse sexual orientations and gender identifications.

Female combatants, for example, are often overlooked during negotiation processes as well as when reintegrating into society after conflicts end. Also, the realities, perspectives and needs of people with different sexual orientations and gender identities have been entirely excluded in most conflict settlements.

Looking at examples from Colombia, Indonesia, Nigeria and Yemen, we will explore the following questions: What are the diverse gendered dynamics men and women experience during conflicts and in their efforts for conflict transformation? How can these gender dynamics be challenged and by whom? What can international organisations and donors supporting local actors in conflict transformation do to be more gender-sensitive and -transformative?


  • Jacqueline O’Neill, Canada’s Ambassador for Women, Peace and Security
  • Afrah Abdulaziz Saleh Al-Zouba, Former First Deputy Secretary General of the National Dialogue Conference and Constitutional Drafting Committee Secretariat, Yemen
  • Fatima Ibrahim Musa, Lawyer, Mediator, Member of Young African Leaders Initiative, Nigeria
  • Shadia Marhaban, Mediator and Regional Peace Leader, Former Free Aceh Movement (GAM) Negotiator, Indonesia, Aceh
  • Fernando Serrano Amaya, PhD, Assistant Professor at Universidad de los Andes, Colombia

Moderated by: Janel B. Galvanek, Head of Sub-Saharan Africa Unit at the Berghof Foundation

This event will take place in English.

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